kyle bruckmann - oboe
james falzone - clarinet - clarinet
jaimie branch - trumpet
kevin davis - cello
frank rosaly - drums

conceived in 2006, viscous was the first group for which decided to write 'chamber music'. using oboe as a volume 'cap', concerning myself with this limitation as an integral tool when writing the music. i wanted to write music that would allot the feeling of a quintet without volume constraints. i explore the concept of density, drone, swing, phasing cycles, a lot of improvisation with a focus on duos,  as well as a humor and tenderness. almost all the music was written during my self-enduced nervous breakdown as a way to work through the feelings of a broken heart. the titles of the pieces are maritime in nature, but are simply metaphors for the longing and hurt i experienced over that year.
due to logistical issues, this band has seldom played. i hope to redefine the line-up and rerecord the music in 2011.